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Homecare Centre Bolton

Come to us First and Save Yourself a Load of Time

Here at The Homecare Centre we are what most people would call at typical old fashioned Ironmongers and Hardware store stocking all those hard to find little bits and pieces that you will not be able to find any where else.

We are very happy to say that or customers are very loyal and we look forward to seeing all of them when ever they come in. The whole team give every customer a warm welcome and are able to guide and advise you with any problem you might have find just what you want.

With thousands of items on the shelves it’s not surprising people sometime get a little overwhelmed. All types of ironmongery and general ¬†hardware items together with some DIY materials, tools as well as plants and all kinds of gardening implements. It is like an Aladdin’s cave, once you are through the door you will never want to go to one of those clinically sterile warehouses with no atmosphere again.

It’s Our Pleasure

It is our pleasure to act as the local barometer signaling the changing seasons with our front of house displays that are the sign of a well maintained and busy shop.

So many time we have been told by customers that they wished they had come to us in the first place as they had been all over the area looking for some little item that nobody else stocked or they could only buy what they wanted in large quantities.

The Homecare Centre Offers a number of services that everyone needs at some time of other, so if you are ever in need of key cutting, knife, scissors or tool sharpening or would like something engraved remember us before you go any where else. Experience has shown us that many of the customers that use us fr the first time do so because they can’t find what we offer any where for miles around. So come on down and look around.


Almost any message engraved for any occasion on many different items. Read more.

Key Cutting

We Stock thousands of keys for our key cutting service. Read more.


Domestic and Professional sharpening service.Read more.

Product Range

Can't find it anywhere else, you should come here first.Read more.