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Homecare Centre sharpening Service

Homecare Centre DIY and hardware specialist provides a professional leave and collect sharpening and re-grinding service to both domestic and commercial customers. From hair dressing and pet grooming scissors to carpet and decorating shears we do them all. Both domestic and chefs knives and cleaves, pocket and camping knives re-ground and sharpened. After substantial investment we are now able to sharpen many kinds of tools, chisels, saws, bolsters and plains, rotary mower blades, circular and chain saws, loppers, secateurs and garden shears (edging & hedging, long & short handled). I sharpened my first blade as a teenager and now some thirty years on I have just about got the hang of it. Like many things in life if it is worth doing, it is worth doing properly, which is why our service is leave and collect. We are then able to give our full attention to the job in hand. Fortunately I still have all my fingers and I would hate to lose any part of them, as the machinery we use runs at very high speeds safety is a major concern. If you have lost that cutting edge, snapped the tip off your knife, chipped the blade, we are able to re-grind it and sharpen it prolonging the life. When using a blade is your livelyhood you need to keep the edge ensuring you and your clients get the best from your equipment. In this age of throw away goods hardened steel is too expensive to be one of them, with regular maintenance and proper care a lifetimes use can be had from quality knives, scissors and tools. I have known customers to be bringing me the same implement for over 15 years and still have that honed edge to do the job it was made for. Chefs understand the importance of a sharp blade and I am happy to be able to count some excellent chefs amongst our customers. Why not join them and be a cut above the rest.  


You would be surprised just how many different types of scissors there are, and here at Homecare Centre Bolton we sharpen them all.

The majority or our scissor sharpening work is bought in by professionals, Hairdressing stylists, Pet groomers, decorators, carpet fitters and dressmakers all of whom rely on having a proper cutting edge on their tools.

There are still a surprising number of homes in the area that have a favourite pair of scissors that have to be kept in shape. When you see some of the cheap throw away scissor that are being sold it is no wonder that if you have a good pair you want to keep them.

So whether it is Styling scissor, Grooming shears, house hold scissors, carpet or decorating shears that you need to have professionally sharpened then bring them along to The Homecare Centre Bolton.

Are you replacing your blades, scissors, chains, knives, clippers and shears long before their life is done. It is not unusual for professionals and laymen alike to be wasting thousands of pounds by throwing things away that have plenty of use left in them.  The biggest waste comes from anything that is used to cut something. All cutting edges over time will become dull and unable to do the job it was intended for, however whether used for domestic or commercial purposes the cutting edge can be re-ground and sharpened giving your tools a much longer life. None of these tools are cheap so you need to look after them for as long as you can. Just bring them into the shop, leave them with us and we will do the rest. 

If you use any kind of tool as part of your normal gardening maintenance and beautification routine, it will for time to time probably need sharpening. Yes that include your spade. hoe and fork, not just your mower, shears and loppers. In many cases if you take care of your gardening tools in the proper manner, they will last you for many many years. The Homecare Centre Bolton is proud that over the years we have saved our customers thousands by helping them maintain their tools keeping a good sharp edge on them so that they are always ready for the job in hand. Bring you gardening tools round to The Homecare Centre Bolton and we will help you in the same way.

Planers, Chisels, Scrapers, Spoke shaves, Plane Irons, Bolsters, Pickaxes, Masonry Chisels  and many more tools can all be re-ground or sharpened here at The Homecare Centre Bolton. We have been in business longer then many of us care to remember. During all that time we have given excellent service to thousands of trades men and women as well as homeowners.

In this throw away society people often do not realise that the tools they are using have a much longer life then they think. If it has an edge for cutting chances are the we have sharpened it. So why not bring your tools down to our shop and make your tools last longer. 

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